Year 2016/2017

Year 2016-2017: training in Processwork and Deep Democracy

The Foundation Year is meant to be the first part of the wider PW & DD diploma training that  we are planning to create in the future, nevertheless it can be attended also as a training program in its own right since it prepares the student in working out with more awareness and effectiveness on an important variety of personal, professional and social fields.

The year 2016-2017 will be structured as follows:

  • 6 theoretical and practical experiential seminars, including 2 residentials. Click here for more information on 2016/2017 program.
  • Personal sessions – live or via Skype.  with a graduating processworker authorized to give therapy sessions and / or a processworker graduated or certified teacher, in person and / or via Skype. You can do sessions in Italian, English or Spanish. Personal sessions are not mandatory for the attendance of the base year, but needed to get certified, and for admission to the degree program.
  • Peer Groups – live or via Skype. Peer groups will be formed among students in the same course (triplets or quartets), so they can meet together on a regular basis (in person and / or via Skype) and practice innerwork methods and facilitation techniques learned during the seminars. There are guidelines for the peer group activities, and teachers may assign tasks at the end of each seminar.
  • Study material: at the start of every seminar the students are given handouts with notes and exercises. The handouts and other study materials are shared online with the students. We are also creating documents with the notes taken during the seminars so that the students can have additional material to support their studies.
  • Worldwork, 23-28 April 2017, Porto HeliWORLDWORK in Greece!  (optional and highly reccomended)

To find out the 2016/2017 Program of the training in Processwork and Deep Democracy, which started in December 2016, click HERE.


3 pensieri su “Year 2016/2017

  1. Ulrike ha detto:

    I did the Pre-Registration for the course and would like t know whether the course definitely will take place … to start my planning for the end of the year.


    Mi piace

  2. Siobhan Hagen ha detto:

    I’m a Processwork Psychotherapy student in Australia and wondered if it’s possible to do the Sept and Nov intensives. Thanks.
    Warm regards

    Mi piace


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