Processwork around the world

The worldwide ProcessWork community is brought to life by the different schools in Europe and in the world. Though they are all committed to spreading the approach to conflict transformation developed by Arnold Mindell , each school is characterized by a special essence and different organization that make them unique: some of them focus on non verbal experiences and individual psychotherapy; others work mainly with large groups conflicts; other school specialize on leadership or community issuesi, and so on.

In this page we try to collect all the experiences that, with their efforts in spreading ProcessWork, sparked our enthusiasm in creating the Italian school.

Amy and Arnold Mindell’s website:

IAPOP: International Association of Process Oriented Psychology:

European Training Centers
Denmark Process Work Denmark
Europe Deep Democracy Institute Europe HQ Amsterdam
Germany Prozessorientierte Psychologie
Greece Processwork HUB (Athens, Greece)
Ireland Process Work Ireland
Poland Akademia Psychologii Zorientowanej na Proces
Poland International School of Processwork in Honor of Arnold Mindell
Poland Poza Centrum
Poland Instytut Psychologii Procesu
Poland Studium Psychoterapii i Psychologii Procesu
Czech Republic Institut Procesově Orientované Práce (IPOP)
United Kingdom RSPOP UK
Slovakia Institut Procesorientovanej Psychologie Slovensko
Spain El Instituto de Trabajo de Procesos & Democracia Profunda
Switzerland Institut für Prozessarbeit IPA
Centri di Formazione nel Mondo
Australia New Zealand


Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology
Colombia Fundación Processwork Latinoamérica
India Processwork India
Israel Processwork Israel Email
Japan Japan Process Work Center
Kazakhstan Deep Democracy Institute Central Asia
Kenya Deep Democracy Institute East Africa
Palestine Deep Democracy Institute Palestine ddi palestine
Russia Deep Democracy Institute Russia
Russia International School of Process Work Russia ISPWR
Ucraina Deep Democracy Institute Ukraine
USA Deep Democracy Institute International
USA Process Work Institute