Process Work

PROCESSWORK or ART OF THE PROCESS means to follow the nature

Following signals, dreams, feelings, energies and moods as they manifest themselves in individuals, groups, cultures, and our planet

to welcome and value the creative richness inherent in diversity

to deal with changes and challenges of life on a personal, professional, relational, community and environmental level with awareness, fluidity and deep democracy

in the psychological, scientific, artistic, organizational and cultural fields

… following the Tao of the moment






Second Open Seminar 2017/2018: February 9-13, 2017, MILANO by the Fondazione Exodus


facilitated by Bogna Symckievickz and Ana Rhodes

Language: English, with translation into Italian

In this module, we are going to explore an edge of our identity and learn how to use the potential that lies beyond it.
Our Self is a process. We create our identities based on some experiences, leaving out these that do not fit to an idea of who we are or who should be. Yet on the other side of the edge there is a lot of hidden treasure: the emerging diversity of the Self to be discovered.
We will also start to explore our ability to Lead with presence, which means putting one’s personal psychology – including feelings, moods and thoughts – to the service of all the others in the group. This compassionate attitude is one of the most important meta-skills a leader can exercise. Its presence or absence determines the atmosphere in the field.
Ultimately, facilitation of our inner and outer experiences is like a Dance. We aim to become fluid in our ability to bring out and move between many roles in a field. To acknowledges and honor the silent parts, welcome criticism, and be able to take our own side as well the others side. To understand when we become one-sided and invite others to fulfill the leadership/facilitation role. Thus, in this way we start to enter in to our own sense of the eldership. Developing a wider sense of Space and Time.
The Elder, the deepest part of us is seasoned by the pain of failure, the joys of success, anger in the face of injustice, guilt from having acted unjustly, the loss of close ones through death, and her own mini deaths. So gradually we become a container for the whole. We become increasingly transparent to the on-going process of life and are there for all of the parts.

We will focus on:
– Noticing and recognizing signals of an edge while working with individuals, couples and groups
– Learning specific techniques to work on an edge
– The relationship between our internal edge, the context and our relationship
– Internalized oppression and the Critic: the reintragration of History and personal Power
– Developing meta-position while going to an unknown territory beyond the edge
– Discovering personal power hidden in each experience over the edge
– Unfolding our leadership abilities that are waiting to be used in the world: Leading from deep within.


Friday: 15-19
Saturday: 9,30-13 and 15-19
Sunday: 9,30-13




Open Seminar: € 200
Membership Card of the Italian ProcessWork Association (2016/2017)  € 10

To register to the open seminar, send us an email with a copy of the payment of € 210 on our bank account:

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via XXV aprile 10, Castelfiorentino (FI)
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Causal: open seminar in Milan Feb 2018 + complete name


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What is Process Work?

From the presentation by Ana Rhodes and Reini Hauser during November 2015 seminar for the Italian Process Work school

Processwork has been developed over the past 30+ years by Arnold Mindell and colleagues as a multidisciplinary and experience-oriented approach to personal and collective transformation. Processwork builds on the psychology of CG Jung, on Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology and relates to the new paradigm in science (system theory and quantum physics) as well as spiritual disciplines. Its spiritual attitudes stem from transpersonal psychologies, Eastern philosophies and indigenous traditions.

The goal of Processwork is to work with your individual goals, and the goals of each group. With awareness and mindfulness. The training focuses on improving self perception and unfolding of the human potential as well as the unfolding of a deeper democracy – valuing all roles, positions, feelings, body experiences and altered states in an individual and also in the social field. (…)

The practitioner will need to develop an open attitude and a beginner’s mind to all life experiences. She will need to be open to understand that Processwork is a ‘Path made by Walking’ that requires of us to become trackers, scientists and shamans in order to follow an experience with awareness and assist in the unfolding of Evolution with respect.

The central focus is you as a learner, to deepen your skills and feeling attitudes as a facilitator, a leader and an elder. We aim to broaden the facilitative repertoire to help you get closer to acting from your deepest self.

Facilitation includes working with Dreams and Body Experiences, Relationship Dynamics: intra, inter and transpersonal levels, Facilitation of Team and Group Dynamics: group process. With demonstrations in the middle, exercises in pairs and in small groups as well as group discussion.

The processwork model of perception is a differentiated framewok to structure our perception in terms of closeness and distance of experience from one’s awareness as well as its channels of representation. Process structure informs the facilitator’s direction for intervention and metaskills.

Dream and body work: the concept of the dreambody (unity of mind and body) shows how dreams and body experiences mirror the same underlying process who contains a significant energy+message. Various methods will be demonstrated to working with dreams and body symptoms, from first to second training.

Relationship and Group Dynamics: relationship is understood as a multilevelled process – as a mirror of our own selves as well as inter- and transpersonal events. In this intro seminar we will focus on a) the other as an aspect of self,  b) on interaction, the exchange of signals as intended and unintended (or double) signals as well as c) on transpersonal orientation to relationship work, life mythic processes. Process oriented group process is an integral part of the seminar.  The PW approach the group facilitation will be introduced and practiced. Atmospheres, roles and ghost roles, polarization and role switch, hot and cozy spots will identified and unfolded. (more details on FOUNDATION YEAR)

The PW is a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to change whose fundamental tool is awareness and ideal of reference is Deep Democracy.

PW is a practice of awareness. It uses the knowledge of our perception in order to understand who we are and what is really going on in the present moment, both at a consciously and at an unconscious level.

It integrates the knowledge of Jungian psychology, modern physics, Taoist thought, communication theory and quantum field theory, Western and Eastern wisdom, drawing on the entire human experience, from the millennial indigenous and shamanic one to the most advanced scientific theories.

The fundamental idea of Processwork is that there is a profound intelligence and organizer behind every event in reality. To perceive, understand and amplify spontaneous and unexpected or uncontrolled feelings and events, as they were non-random rather meaningful signals to be followed and integratde into our conscious experience, allows us to find a guide, an orientation and an evolutionary transformation in our lives and intimate relationships with others and with the environment.

Processwork means working with the spontaneous process of events, both internal and external, as they manifest themselves, recognizing their importance, meaning and power. The power to help build the entirety of the experience of what we are and what we live. Recompose our own individual and collective experience of reality, within and without ourselves, by starting from the entirety of that experience is the prerequisite to make a change.

Therefore, it’s important to facilitate the perception of a fact: the PW is an approach to reality, a language of the possible, perhaps out of our ordinary experience but very concrete and immediately verifiable, a lifestyle change in a natural way, with maximum efficiency and with as little effort as possible. How? By learning to see, recognize and bring together both our rational and  spontaneous sides, and helping even the subtlest and tiniest signals of our human experience unfold and express themselves with equal dignity of the most apparent or strongest ones.

Neither one or the other alone give us the entirety of what we really are, so recognizing them, respecting them and using them both in real-time allows us to be ourselves with clarity and spontaneity and flow with the change taking place, that is, with whatever is going on there.

Deep Democracy is to give voice to the wholeness and to each of its parts. Whatever the object and the subjects in question, it is about making sure that each party develop its sense of responsibility for itself and for the wholeness to which it belongs, feel heard and respected, as well as the whole must be heard, respected and responsible to each of its parts. The result of this profoundly democratic spirit will not be a behavior dictated by the majority but something that is the entirety, the totality of the being in question.