Open seminar #6 2016/2017

  • Sixth workshop November 1- 4, 2017, Centro Studi Sereno Regis, TURIN (reserved to formal students )

Leadership, wisdom, facilitation: skills and meta-skills of facilitation

with Reini Hauser and Ana Rhodes

In this module we will improve our ability to facilitate internal processes, relationship conflicts and group dynamics. When a call is made to the leadership, it is important to focus in personal development, in specific skills and aptitudes of facilitator.
We deepen our eldership/wisdom and how to flexibly use the aptitudes related to our vision, life purpose and sense of direction.

– To access and to use the wisdom related metaskills
– Dynamics in the facilitation process: the framing
– Internal, interpersonal and group, and field’s dynamics facilitation
– Awareness of vision and purpose of life
– Processmind and eldership


Wednesday 1st November: 15-19
Thursday 2nd  + Friday 3rd: 9,30-13 and 15-19
Saturday 4th: 9,30-13 and 15-19,30


Centro Studi Sereno Regis
Address: via Garibaldi 13 – Torino
Tel: 39 011532824