Open Seminar #5 2016/2017

  • Fifth seminar (residential)  September 8-10, 2017  BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI)

Violence and extreme states in groups: how to facilitate in the fire of conflict?

with Gill Emslie and Ana Rhodes

Conflict is an inevitable part of human experience, a creative tension that arises between the two opposing forces of chaos and order.
A conflict that’s not been transformed becomes a source of chronic stress, dissatisfaction and illness. It can escalate in multiple ways. In organizations it is able to sabotage the strategic objectives and contribute to exhaustion (burnout) and the turnover of staff. In the world is the root of oppression and violence.
The conflict, however, can also be a source of transformation and change. When the energy contained in the conflict in the form of destructive force without consciousness can be transformed, it becomes a creative opportunity that facilitates a deeper connection in relationships.
The conflict which is given the opportunity of unfolding and unveiling, feeds personal growth, promotes deep relationships, facilitates organizational change and creates community.
We will learn how to facilitate and remain present in the fire of conflict. We will create an environment where we can explore the underlying issues and find solutions like “I win, you win.” This will help us to deepen our relationships and facilitate personal and relational change, and the organizational culture’s one.
This deeply experiential training emphasizes practical skills and tools of facilitation needed to transform polarized situations which manifest within us, in our relationships, in a group setting or in the wider context of the world, its historical influences, timespirits and unpredictable and unexpected  situations.


Friday 8th September, 15-19
Saturday 9th September, 9,30-13 and 15-19
Sunday 10th September, 9,30-13


Villa S. Giuseppe, via Ca’ Morosini, 41 – 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI).


Open Seminar: € 200
Membership Card of the Italian ProcessWork Association (2016/2017) – € 10
Food and accomodation: more details soon!

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