Open Seminar #1 2016/2017

  • First seminar (residential)  December 8-10, 2016 UMBRIA

Processwork: a path towards the integration of diversity

with Gill Emslie and Peter Ammann

The diversity in people, society and nature brings richness and vitality and creates the house and space for the community. The ability to facilitate diversity and build lasting relationships is at the heart of resilience in all sectors. Many of us are moved by and / or required to facilitate and guide the processes of social change and the environment. Yet we still subconsciously tend to marginalize tensions and conflicts that arise in our daily interactions, projects and even in ourselves and in our bodies.
Dr. Arnold Mindell’s multidimensional approach known as PROCESSWORK  and the philosophy of deep democracy, are a trans-disciplinary approach, which has at its center the learning and increasing awareness. The processwork makes use of all the information in a particular field – including current issues and measurable elements, as the more subjective, subtle and relational aspects, and even the unseen realms.
This process-oriented approach allows us to embrace and support the diversity within us, in relationships, in society and in groups.
We will introduce this approach with very short theoretical presentations and a highly experiential approach in making demonstrations in the middle, innerwork, exercises in pairs and groups.

We will explore and we will work with:
• inner conflicts, personal issues, dreams and visions
• bodily experiences and symptoms
• relations and interpersonal dynamics
• collective, social group dynamics and ecological processes


Students at the beginning of the second year – december 2016



Thursday 8th December, 15-19
Friday 9th December, 9,30-13 and 15-19
Saturday 10th December, 9,30-13


Centro Panta Rei
località Le Pierle 19A,
06065, Passignano sul Trasimeno
Perugia, Italy


Open Seminar: € 200
Membership Card of the Italian ProcessWork Association (2016/2017) – € 10
Food and Accomodation: € 100 full board, from Thursday at lunch to Saturday at lunch.
To enroll in the open seminar, send us an email with a copy of the payment of 210€ on our bank account:

Associazione Arte del Processo
via XXV aprile 10, Castelfiorentino (FI)
IBAN: IT93Y0501802800000000239866