2016/2017 Program

The Processworker Journey
the Programme of the 2016/2017 Foundation Year
Seminar language is English with translation into Italian.
The 2016/2017 Foundation Year of the School of Processwork includes 6 (six) 4-days intensive seminars (2 of which are residential). 
  •  Each intensive seminar (but the last one in November) is OPEN TO ALL  (also to occasional students that will not register to the entire Foundation Year course and want to attend just one or more of them) in the first 3 days: 16 total hours beginning at 3 p.m. on the first day and end at 1 p.m. on the third day.
  • Timing of open seminars (for all):  day one 3- 7 pm; day two 9.30 am- 1 pm and 3-7 pm; third day 9.30 am -1pm.
  • Timing of  training days (only for formal students): day three 3-7 pm; fourth day 9.30- 1pm and 3-7,30 pm.

Every participant will be responsible for his/her own food and accommodation.

For any information and to enroll in the open seminars send us an email artedelprocesso@gmail.com


  • First seminar (residential)  December 8-12, 2016 UMBRIA

Processwork: a path towards the integration of diversity

with Gill Emslie and Peter Ammann

The diversity in people, society and nature brings richness and vitality and creates the house and space for the community. The ability to facilitate diversity and build lasting relationships is at the heart of resilience in all sectors. Many of us are moved by and / or required to facilitate and guide the processes of social change and the environment. Yet we still subconsciously tend to marginalize tensions and conflicts that arise in our daily interactions, projects and even in ourselves and in our bodies.
Dr. Arnold Mindell’s multidimensional approach known as PROCESSWORK  and the philosophy of deep democracy, are a trans-disciplinary approach, which has at its center the learning and increasing awareness. The processwork makes use of all the information in a particular field – including current issues and measurable elements, as the more subjective, subtle and relational aspects, and even the unseen realms.
This process-oriented approach allows us to embrace and support the diversity within us, in relationships, in society and in groups.
We will introduce this approach with very short theoretical presentations and a highly experiential approach in making demonstrations in the middle, innerwork, exercises in pairs and groups.

We will explore and we will work with:
• inner conflicts, personal issues, dreams and visions
• bodily experiences and symptoms
• relations and interpersonal dynamics
• collective, social group dynamics and ecological processes

  • Second seminar  February 10-14, 2017 BARI

To Evolve in Facilitation: Dealing with the Critic and “burning one’s own wood

with Bogna Szymkiewicz

The most difficult moments for a facilitator  are when we are trapped in our wounds, in our past traumas or when we are attacked by our inner critics. Instead of being in the “here and now” we remain locked in internal dialogue and look at the present through the lens of the past.

During this workshop we will learn:
– How to deal with moments of pain in relationships and groups.
– How to work with trauma and abuse issues linked to the past.
– How to reduce and transform the power of the inner critic.

  • Third seminar  March 10-13, 2017 TURIN

The Tao of Relationship: Love, Sexuality and Intimacy

with Ana Rhodes and Reini Hauser

In this module, we will introduce methods to ease the conflicts in the relationship ‘1 to 1’, as well as finding the common ground in adverse situations. Important to increase awareness of the signals in verbal and nonverbal communication, and foster a more conscious use of power, rank and privileges. Training facilitation includes knowing how to embrace and bring consciousness into high-ranking situations because of low rank, as well as to access to sources of inalienable personal power, in order to stay afloat rather than drown in the conflict.

– Steps in working with conflicts
– Unfolding  double signals
– Finding the common ground
– Addressing the high and low dreams
– Using nonverbal channels of working with a relationship
– Rank and privileges awareness in facilitating the relationship

  • Fourth seminar  June 9-12,  2017 BARI

How do We Use our Power? Roles and Ranks in the professional field

with Bogna Szymckievicz and Peter Ammann

Personal approaches, inter-relational and systemic privileges and rank awareness and power. Facilitation of the dynamics of power in the professional field.

During this workshop we will learn:
– Understanding the dynamics of rank and power in the professional field.
– Learning to facilitate relations with clients and with group/professional teams with awareness of power/rank and privileges.

  • Fifth seminar (residential )  September 8-11, 2017  BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI)

Violence and extreme states in groups: how to facilitate in the fire of conflict?

with Gill Emslie and Ana Rhodes

  • Sixth workshop November 1- 4 , 2017  TURIN

Leadership, wisdom, facilitation: skills and meta-skills of facilitation

with Reini Hauser and Ana Rhodes

In this module we will improve our ability to facilitate internal processes, relationship conflicts and group dynamics. When a call is made to the leadership, it is important to focus in personal development, in specific skills and aptitudes of facilitator.
We deepen our eldership/wisdom and how to flexibly use the aptitudes related to our vision, life purpose and sense of direction.

– To access and to use the wisdom related metaskills
– Dynamics in the facilitation process: the framing
– Internal, interpersonal and group, and field’s dynamics facilitation
– Awareness of vision and purpose of life
– Processmind and eldership


Residential – La Luna nel Pozzo, Ostuni (BR) – september 2016