2015/2016 Program

Here below the english postcard with the 2015/2016 calendar of seminars.



Workshop n.1 – 4 days intensive seminar in Central Italy

Introduction to Processwork: from the Dreambody to Essence

Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th November 2015 – TUSCANY
with Ana Rhodes and Reini Hauser

Processwork has been developed over the past 30 years by Arnold Mindell and colleagues as a multidisciplinary +experience­oriented approach to personal and collective transformation. Processwork builds on the psychology of CG Jung, on Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology and relates to the new paradigm in science (system theory and quantum physics) as well as spiritual disciplines. Its spiritual attitudes stem from transpersonal psychologies, Eastern philosophies and indigenous traditions
The goal of Processwork is to work with your individual goals, and the goals of each group.
With awareness and mindfulness ­ the training focuses on improving self perception and unfolding of the human potential as well as the unfolding of a deeper democracy – valuing all roles, positions, feelings, body experiences and altered states in an individual and also in the social field.
In this workshop we will introduce the philosophical roots of Processwork. Inputs will be given on the theory of Processwork and on some of its main applications. The practitioner will need to develop an open attitude and a beginner’s mind to all life experiences. She will need to be open to understand that Processwork is a ‘Path made by Walking’ that requires of us to become trackers, scientists and shamans in order to follow an experience with awareness and assist in the unfolding of Evolution with respect.
The central focus is you as a learner, to deepen your skills and feeling attitudes as a facilitator, a leader and an elder. We aim to broaden the facilitative repertoire to help you get closer to acting from your deepest self.
Facilitation includes working with
Dreams and Body Experiences
Relationship Dynamics: intra­, inter­ and transpersonal levels
Facilitation of Team and Group Dynamics: group process with demonstrations in the middle, exercises in pairs and in small groups as well as group discussion.
The processwork model of perception is a differentiated framewok to structure our perception in terms of closeness and distance of experience from one’s awareness as well as its channels of representation. Process structure informs the facilitator’s direction for intervention and metaskills.
Dream and body work. the concept of the dreambody (unity of mind and body) shows how dreams and body experiences mirror the same underlying process who contains a significant energy+message. Various methods will be demonstrated to working with dreams and body symptoms, from first to second training.
Relationship and Group Dynamics. Relationship is understood as a multilevelled process ­ as a mirror of our own selves as well as inter­ and transpersonal events. In this intro seminar we will focus on
a) the other as an aspect of self,
b) on interaction, the exchange of signals as intended and unintended (or double) signals as well as
c) on transpersonal orientation to relationship work, life mythic processes.
Process oriented group process is an integral part of the seminar. The PW approach the group facilitation will be introduced and practiced. Atmospheres, roles and ghost roles, polarization and role switch, hot and cozy spots will identified and unfolded.
Additional requirements and suggestions
Peer groups are required, highly recommend is journaling of your personal process and learning throughout the year.

Workshop n.2 – 3 days seminar in Central Italy

The Dreaming Body Exploring the essence of Body Symptoms

3 day seminar on Processwork applied to dreams and “Dreaming”
Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th january 2016 – ROME
with Gill Emslie
When we open up to the subtlest sentient essences of our bodily experience, they become a vehicle in a timeless journey beyond illness and health, right or wrong, life or death.
Most of us are disturbed by our body symptoms and would prefer to get rid of these ‘problems’ as soon as possible. Processwork explores a multidimensional approach, which integrates classical and alternative approaches to healing as well as spiritual experiences and altered states of consciousness.
Shamanic techniques can be helpful in working with altered states of consciousness/altered body processes. When we understand symptoms as an expression of ‘Dreaming’, of a subtle force which animates and moves our bodies, then symptoms can enrich our lives by giving us new insights, meaning and fresh life energy. In this seminar, we practice process-oriented methods of working with our dreaming bodies as roads to personal and transpersonal insight.
We will learn:

  • Processwork methods, to unfold body symptoms and near death experiences in altered states of consciousness
  • to understand body symptoms in the context of relationship, community and environment and to use them for social action
  •  to utilize different levels of reality, ‘dreambody’, ‘flirts’ and subtle ‘sentient experience’ as doorways to change and healing. Healing can be a side effect of heightened awareness when we follow inner experience and minimal signals with respect and compassion.

Workshop n.3 – 3 days seminar in Northern Italy

Opening up to Dreamland life myths awareness,  shamanism and art therapy

February 26-28, 2016 – TURIN
with Bogna Symckievicz
Main goals:
The aim of this workshop is to get familiar with the Dreamland. We will learn about this realm of experience in the context of the other two: Consensus Reality and Essence.
The focus will be on visual channel as a way to access the unknown.

Theoretical foundations:

  • Three levels of awareness
  • Dreamland as a realm of symbols, patterns and stories
  • Symbolic and consensual aspects of everyday-life
  • Dreams and dreaming process
  • The role and significance of dreams and visions in different cultures
  • Different approaches to working with dreams in modern psychology: Freud, Jung, Moreno, Perls, Gendlin
  • Dreams and Dreaming process in Process Work
  • Mythical awareness – what for do we need myths
  • Difference between myths and fairy tales
  • Life myth – an insight to „what is my life about”

This workshop will include working on following issues:

  • Differentiating between Consesnus Reality, Dreamland and Essence experiences
  • Techniques of accessing unknown material through visual channel (working with imagination and fantasy, amplifications of visual material through stories, fairy-tales, comic strips, art, drawing, sculpting etc.)
  • Different ways of working with dreams in Process work
  • Childhood dreams or early memories as a way to access and grasp life myth awareness
  • Visions, vision quests, shamanic processes
  • Dreaming as a source of creativity; working with creative processes.

Torino 2016, seminar with Bogna Symkievicz

Workshop n.4 – 3 days seminar in Northern Italy

I am You: A Process Oriented Approach to Relationships

3 days seminar on Processwork in Relationships
Friday 18th – Sunday 20th March 2016 in BOLOGNA
with Peter Ammann

Seeing the other (person?) as also you, radically changes our framework. As the Southern African philosophy of “Ubuntu” expresses: I need you in order for me to be me. As you need me in order for you to be you. We are bound up together. In seeing the other also as yourself, we are no longer interested in getting rid of or fighting the other person. Even in conflicts we see the other person as another human being and potential teacher and use our awareness and compassion to learn, take responsibility, relate and contribute something to the relationship and the world we share.
Processwork offers facilitation and inner work methods exploring inherent patterns, potentials and emerging processes in relationships. Tense interactions and conflicts are seen as a calling for deepening relationships and bringing more awareness and diversity to them.
This seminar provides process-oriented and awareness-based approaches for facilitating relationships, including your own, during periods of disturbances and transformation.
We will study and work on basic concepts of Processwork and Relationships which will include the following themes:

  • Unintended signals (double-signals) as the language of the dreaming background of reality
  • Noticing and dealing with feedback
  • Levels of relationships (intra-, interpersonal and field)
  • Growing edges in relationships (double-edge theory)
  • Roles and dream figures in relationships
  • Dreaming up
  • Jung’s concept of the life myth, explored in relationships
  • Entanglement
  • Conflict resolution cycle
  • Becoming aware of privileges, rank and power in relationships

Seminar language is English with translation into Italian.

20160320_121355Bologna 2016, seminar with Peter Ammann

Workshop n.5 – 3 days seminar in Central Italy

Addressing the altered and extreme states of consciousness.

April 22-24, 2016 in ROME
with Ana Rhodes

Altered states of consciousness and edges within us and in groups.
How to relate to the edgy states and extraordinary experiences that we tend to marginalize?
What is the collective aspect of all of these states?
Addictions: signs and symptoms and how to work with them in a process oriented way.

City Shadows: A Journey into the Unknown

Addiction and depression. How can we fully understand the deeper meaning of depression and addictions? To do this we need to have the courage to bring these states experience the light of our awareness and out of the shadows of our inner and outer city. It ‘time to realize that our depressions and addictions can be turned into Allies able to bring a sense of deeper meaning. It is not only individuals who suffer from addiction and depression, but whole groups, organizations, communities and even entire countries. Currently, in these times of global uncertainty, Addictions and Depressions are affecting us both individually and collectively. During this workshop we will explore then the socio-cultural, collective influences and pressures of society. We’ll deal with what is the social role of the Extreme States and how the extreme states are powerful internal and external change agents. During this course we will look at our own personal addictions with curious eyes. What we are really addicted? It ‘just that the substance or is something else we are looking for? And if so, how can we embark on a journey that will help us to understand some of our deepest aspirations and to work with them creatively. Jung said that “the dependencies once explored concisely, become a way of understanding.” We will also explore how the dependencies contain information not only on us but also on our family, workplace environment, as well as being a social issue. You can think of depression as the psychological equivalent of having a cold. Each of us has to experience it to some degree, at some point in life. During this workshop we will explore also processes underlying different types of depression. We will look at depression as a reminder of the completeness and as a journey of discovery. As we unfold and explore the type that accompanies us in our lives’ depressive state, we will be able to discover new inner powers that will give us a greater sense of freedom in the ways in which we relate to the world. This will be an experiential training workshops with theoretical inputs.

(Reference: Processwork  is a transpersonal psychology developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell. Derived from years of practice and observation, this tool brings together Jungian psychology, Taoist philosophy as well as quantum theory. It is applied at many different levels, such as to individuals , relationships and groups)

Workshop n.6 – 3 days seminar in Northern Italy

Facilitating, can I do it?  The know how of facilitation

June 17-19, 2016 BOLOGNA
with Bogna Symckiewicz

Mind and heart of the facilitator: Metaskills of the processworker.

The “Facilitation” appears to be a “timespirit”, a spirit of today’s time. In our complicated global world full of possibilities, programs, competing views of points, we need to be able to see and find out not only the options, but also the relationships between them. The need for facilitation is present both in the inner and external world: between countries, between political programs, between groups, between people and between inner figures.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce the concept of metaskills – in theory of practice. The main focus will be on the metaskills needed in process-oriented facilitation. We will work on the “how” of working with inner or outer processes.

Basic theoretical ideas:

  • Deep Democracy: importance of all the sides in the field
  • Polarisation and conflict; complementary dreamfigures
  • Facilitation – what does it mean; facilitating inner and outer-processes
  • Metacommunication, metaposition
  • The concept of metaskills
  • Process Worker’s metaskills: compassion, beginners mind, humor, detachhment , supporting all sides of the process

We will explore following issues:

  • Introduction to conflict work: taking your own side, taking the other side, taking observers position
  • State-oriented neutrality vs.fluidity
  • Ability to explore and support various positions in the field
  • Noticing biases – which side are you one
  • Exploring one-sidedness
  • „Burning one’s wood”
  • Personal edges in facilitation
  • Abusive patterns: when one side cannot defend itself
  • How to react to violence and abuse during facilitation
  • High and low dreams as filters of perceptions in relationships
  • Accessing  the „Process Mind”
  • Facilitation from your deepest center
  • The “how” of Process work: compassion, humor, detachment; finding your own metaskills

Workshop n.7 – 4 days intensive seminar in Southern Italy

Sitting in the Fire: Conflict Facilitation in Worldwork

September 8-11, 2016 OSTUNI (BR)
with Ana Rhodes and Gill Emslie
Conflict is an inevitable part of human experience, a creative tension that arises between the two opposing forces of chaos and order.
A conflict that’s not been transformed becomes a source of chronic stress, dissatisfaction and illness. It can escalate in multiple ways. In organizations it is able to sabotage the strategic objectives and contribute to exhaustion (burnout) and the turnover of staff. In the world is the root of oppression and violence.
The conflict, however, can also be a source of transformation and change. When the energy contained in the conflict in the form of destructive force without consciousness can be transformed, it becomes a creative opportunity that facilitates a deeper connection in relationships.
* Just like the Ying and the Yang of the ancient Taoist practitioners, the essence of all parties is the All.
The conflict which is given the opportunity of unfolding and unveiling, feeds personal growth, promotes deep relationships, facilitates organizational change and creates community.
We will learn how to facilitate and remain present in the fire of conflict. We will create an environment where we can explore the underlying issues and find solutions like “I win, you win.” This will help us to deepen our relationships and facilitate personal and relational change, and the organizational culture’s one.
This deeply experiential training emphasizes practical skills and tools of facilitation needed to transform polarized situations which manifest within us, in our relationships, in a group setting or in the wider context of the world, its historical influences, timespirits and unpredictable and unexpected  situations.

In this workshop we will learn tools for

  • ease our tension, indecision, our  inner doubts and limitations.
  • unfold and unravel the useful message of dual signals in communicatio
  • facilitate the dynamics of rank, power and privilege
  • feedback (feedback)
  • develop our eldership, metaskills and meta-positions.
  • analysis of the roles and of field theory
  • how to distinguish between a personal voice and a role
  • facilitate group processes and diversity.
    This training is particularly useful for
    People interested in increasing their ability to facilitate diversity issues of all kinds, both external and internal tensions within and between different groups and agents. People in leadership roles; anyone interested in facilitating processes of social change, counseling and community organizers.
    This program is based on Processwork, a practice of awareness developed by Arnold and Amy Mindell and colleagues with a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary and process-oriented approach. Its philosophical roots stem from Jungian psychology, Taoism, physics and systems thinking. The Processwork is deeply rooted in the belief that, underlying our experience, there is a model of information linking the relationships we have with ourselves, the others and the world around us, and that, bringing awareness to this model or “field “, we transform ourselves and the world around us. This methodology has been used to facilitate a great variety of multi-cultural scenarios.

Ostuni- Jasvir supporta Monica Ana facilita

Workshop n. 8 – 4 days intensive seminar in Northern Italy

Being a Processworker in Action
Integration and Innovation
11 – 13 NOVEMBER, 2016 – TURIN
with Gill Emslie and Reini Hauser

This last module in the 1-Year Foundation Training will provide an opportunity to integrate, deepen our learning from this year, reflecting on this through the lens and with the metaskills of Deep Democracy and Processwork. We will dive more deeply into the unknown using inner work: we will teach various creative inner work methods to understand ourselves better, have a clear sense of the roles we are asked to fill, as well as the central challenges we are faced with.
This module will include working with

  • Life Myths. We will deepen our understanding of and contact with our deepest (or wildest) Self by working deeper on childhood dreams & personal myths. How is your life path -both personal and professional – outlined in our earliest dreams and memories? What are central edges are we dealing with? We will review notebook entries, dreams and drawings.
  • Yourself as a facilitator. Part of the seminar will be facilitation supervision & Open seats. Beginning and experienced facilitators can be chosen to step forward and work with peers, relationship and group dynamics
  • Feedback and Process Analysis, possibly video analysis. The process structure of the situation worked with will be discussed in small groups and in the plenum, including the feedback process to the facilitators
  • Our individual and peer group learning. You will have an opportunity to review your personal and peer group learning and present it to the group.
  • From the review of this year’s learning we will go further working on your vision and strategy for the next steps into future. Vision quest, peak experiences, dreams and memories will serve as clues from the world as to your tasks.

The seminar will conclude with a conference at the Centro Studi Sereno Regis, Via Garibaldi 13, TURIN, Sunday, Nov. 13 at 18 entitled Introduction to the Art of Process or Processwork held by our teachers Gill Emslie and Reini Hauser.


At the end of the first year of the italian school – november 2016