COSTS YEAR 2016-2017

The School of Processwork stems from the desire to bring this methodology in Italy in a transparent  and the more accessible manner.

In the world this school wants to build, it is given dignity to the work of teachers, organizers and all those involved to start this project; at the same time the intention is that this path could be accessible to the widest number of people on the way, who feel the need to acquire new instruments suited to personal and collective change.

Conscious of the many difficulties and injustices of the system we are immersed in, the social and economic differences between the various regions, at national and European level, we have set up the following three areas: in terms of accessibility and sustainability, we therefore ask each and every one to pay the highest possible rate.


REGISTRATION YEAR 2017/2018 (6 seminars of 5 days)

2300 euros – the school would be SUSTAINABLE

1800 euros – in EQUILIBRIUM

1600 euros – in loss and NOT SUSTAINABLE

If none of these quotas are sustainable for you, please write to


SINGLE OPEN SEMINARS (3 days, 16 hours)

Each of the 4 open seminars (from Friday to 3 pm to Sunday at 1 pm) costs 200 euros

Membership association card: 10 euros.

HERE the entry form for the entire year 2017-2018



The costs of the school include:

– The remuneration of teachers from various European countries and translators,

– Reimbursement for travel, food and lodging for teachers,

– The cost of school organization, advertising and distribution of material, website

– Material for teaching

– The cost of rental of  the venues where seminars will take place

– The operating expenses of the cultural association Arte del Processo.

This does not include the costs of accommodation and meals for participants and personal sessions of Process Oriented Facilitation.


We thought the following policy of reductions  to allow the school to respond to the request of economic facilitation claimed by many students, encouraging the spreading of the method and increasing the accessibility and sustainability of the school.


HELP US IN SPREADING! For each person who will register to the entire school year thanks to you (validated by the registration through the module and the payment of the first installment) you will receive a benefit of 200 euro.

Are you a super social networker? Have 4 people registered to the entire school year and you will receive a benefit equal to 50% (€ 900) of the total fee.

All discounts will be applied by scaling the last installments, once verified the payment of annual fees from those that you encouraged to register.

—— FOR OPEN SEMINARS  (3 days seminars)

HELP US IN SPREADING! Want to help spread the intensive? For every person you will involve (the valid entry through filling out the on line registration module) you will receive a reduction of 20 Euros on the cost of the course.

Facilitation also applies to those enrolled at the school: in this case, the reductions will be applied by scaling the last installments.

PERSONAL SESSIONS of Process Oriented Facilitation

Those who want to be accredited IAPOP (International Association of practitioners of Process Oriented Psychology) must take a number of personal sessions (minimum 4 hours in the first year, in total 30 hours by the end of the second year) : costs of the sessions vary between € 40 and € 60 , depending on the fees of facilitators and teachers.

During the Processworker’s training, personal growth is crucial in order to persue your path of individuation,  learn how to deal with what disturbs you and also facilitate other people.  Therefore personal tsession on one’s selves are highly recommended and open to all, by appointment to be agreed directly with the teachers or the abilitated processworkes.


All payments must be made by bank transfer to the account of Banca Etica payable to:

Associazione Arte del Processo
Via XXV Aprile 10 Castelfiorentino (FI)


IBAN code:   IT08C0501802800000012398665   

unless different solution agreed with the secretariat.

Registration:300 (membership card included) to be paid by 15 October 2016 (to receive facilitation) or by 1 December 2016;

First installment: € 300 to be paid no later than January 7, 2017;

5/6 successive monthly installments of € 200 each to be paid by the 7th of each month from February 2017 until June / July 2017;

For reasons of administration and sustainability of the school in case of delays or difficulties in payment, we ask you to settle the due amount no later than July 7, 2017.

Please also contact us and inform us promptly via email about any current or further delay, or inability to make  payments, writing to:

Thank you



Terms of cooperation and exchange of services with the school
For those who want to become students of the Italian School of Arte del Processo by offering services in exchange for training, we require:

  • payment of the registration fee of € 300 for the school year in support of the school and as a personal commitment in this training course.
  • presenting a detailed plan of the service that you intend to propose to the school with a strategic planning. What are the benefits for the school? How can the proposed service make the school more sustainable in the short, medium and possibly longer term? What is the amount of hours worked and the corresponding value on the market?
    Depending on the financial availability (economic sustainability of the school year), tthe Italian School of Arte del Processo will evaluate the proposal of exchange, will weight its priorities among the goals of the school and will respond on the base of these criteria and variables.

Send us your proposal by writing to:


In order to fight the monster of economic sustainability, but also to value its creative stimulus, you are invited to participate in creating a campaign to offer scholarships, payment for the teachers extra work, support school’s collateral projects. If you feel motivated to support us with your volunteering – like us all – write to Your help will be absolutely welcome and appreciated.



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