WARNING! We kindly reccommand you to pay particular attention when translating books covered by copyright about Processwork or similar disciplines (some may already have been translated and published or made available free on the network). As an official project and school for the spreading and teaching of Processwork in Italy, If you are translating or intend to translate any book material, please get in touch with us. So we can be informed and act with the utmost respect for authors and publishers. Thank you all for your attention and cooperation.



Recommended books for the frequently asked question: QUESTION: Which of your books do you recommended to learn about process work? We answer; We can’t be objective and suggest first seeing the work of our colleagues (and our own) at the Lao Tse Press, or at the Deep Democracy Exchange, or at the IAPOP website.

From our own books, we suggest those listed below. In particular:

General reader, a beginner about process work: Riding the Horse Backwards
For feelings skills in therapy: Metaskills
For ideas about creativity: The Dreaming Source of Creativity
For shamanism: The Shaman’s Body
For symbolic background to process ideas: Rivers Way
For beginning body practice: Working with the Dreaming Body
For connections with Jungian Psychology and Dreambody: Dreambody
A good beginner in Comawork: Coma, A Healing Journey
Connections between psychology +physics: Quantum Mind
For Dreamwork: The Dreammaker’s Apprentice
For Lucid Dreaming: Dreaming While Awake
For Relationship work: The Dreambody in Relationships
Group +Political Work- for diversity work, and in depth forums: The Year I, The Leader as Martial Artist, Sitting in the Fire, and The Deep Democracy of Open Forums.
For psychological interventions in psychiatry: City Shadows
For earth based directional experiences: Earth-Based Psychology
Spirituality, Physics, Psychology–the “Mind of God” for self and world: ProcessMind, Dance of The Ancient One


Processwork’s applications in the field of psychotherapy: theory, practice and case studies

  • A Path Made by Walking, by Julie Diamond and Lee Spark Jones – Paperbacks, 2005


Process work, a groundbreaking new form of psychotherapy, is explained and explored in this step-by-step guide for cutting-edge mental health professionals and individuals interested in self-therapy. Information on the history of process work, recent developments in the field, a discussion of background concepts and terms, and annotated client–facilitator case studies provide readers with a detailed framework for understanding the methodology, while tips and exercises on fundamental terms and concepts provide practitioners with the practical experience needed to administer the therapy. All aspects of the psychotherapeutic encounter are covered, including the structure of psychotherapeutic interactions and how to work within a therapeutic relationship. 

For power and leadership’s awareness and practice:

  • Power, a User’s Guide, by Julie Diamond – Kindle Editions, 2016


Power corrupts? Absolutely, but not inevitably. The question is: how? What are the traps of power and how we can avoid falling into them? The path toward ethical, authentic, and effective use of power is illuminated in this comprehensive crash course in developing external authority, navigating high-power roles and responsibilities, and finding personal power. The book combines cutting-edge psychological theory with practical exercises, stories, and examples from the author’s experiences as a leadership coach and consultant to provide readers with the tools and instructions to find their unique map of powers. From bosses to parents, politicians to protesters, power rests in the hands of everyone, everywhere.


  • Il Corpo Che Sogna. La scienza del Dreambody. Psicoterapia dei processi corporei. RED Edizioni – Milano, 1990; br., pp. 168, ill. (L’Altra Medicina/Studio. 27). Titolo originale inglese:River’s Way. The process science of the dreambody. 1985  – Fuori Catalogo.

i-messaggi-del-corpo-che-sogna-a-mindell-copertina    dreambody-the-bodys-role-in-revealing-the-self

  • I Messaggi del Corpo che Sogna. RED Edizioni – Milano, 1993; br.,pp.139. (L’Altra Medicina/’o6) Titolo originale inglese: Working with the Dreaming Body, 1985 – Fuori Catalogo.


  • Lavorare da Soli su Se Stessi. Il corpo , la mente, il sogno. Edizioni Astrolabio-Ubaldini Editore, Roma 1991 (collana Cambiare Se Stessi)

lavorare-da-soli-su-se-stessi-a-mindell-copertina       working-on-yourself-alone-inner-dreambodywork

  • Il Corpo della Sciamana. Un nuovo sciamanesimo per trasformare la salute, le relazioni e determinare il nostro destino. Il Cerchio della Luna, 2000.

il-corpo-della-sciamana-a-mindell-copertina   the-shamans-body-a-new-shamanism-for-health-relationships-and-community

  • Essere nel Fuoco. Gestire la diversità e il conflitto nel lavoro di gruppo come strumenti di trasformazione sociale. AnimaMundi e Terranuova Edizioni, 2011.

essere-nel-fuoco-conflitto-e-diversita-come-strumenti-di-trasformazione-sociale-a-mindell-copertina  sitting-in-the-fire-large-group-transformation-through-diversity-and-conflict-copertina   sitting-in-the-fire-large-group-transformation-through-diversity-and-conflict-copertina-1

A book about Processwork as an evolution of Jungian Psychology

  • Lettera a Carl Gustav Jung nel giorno del suo 125mo compleanno (con un intervista ad Arnold Mindell di Tomasz Stawiszyński). AnimaMundi, 2011.